Q & A: Rachel Colic Q & A: Rachel Colic

Q & A: Rachel Colic

Q & A: Rachel Colic Q & A: Rachel Colic
Q: At what point did you decide to become involved in the cannabis industry? Why?

When I was 21 I was in a near fatal car accident that left me with debilitating chronic pain. I've been using cannabis as medicine ever since and I often credit cannabis for saving my life more than once. Simultaneously for the last fifteen years I've been running a boutique branding agency serving clients in every sector. About three years ago I got the opportunity to bring my expertise to the cannabis industry and I got hooked. I was amazed at how far our scientific understanding of the plant had come and all of the incredible opportunities this industry was creating. After I completed that first cannabis branding project, I decided to shift my entire business to this space and now cannabis is my whole life and I've never felt more blessed and fulfilled.


Q: Can you tell our readers some of your accomplishments in the cannabis space?

Over the last three years I've been blessed to work with many incredibly talented and passionate people while building several Licensed Producer brands in both the medical and recreational verticals. I'm the co-host of the High Friends Podcast which is a project I collaborated on with my friend and colleague Gill Polard to highlight smart, professional women who are unapologetic about their love of cannabis. Eves of Eden is a lifestyle and accessories brand that I launched in 2017 where we make unique eco-friendly accessories for your everyday cannabis needs like our CROWNS designer filter tips which are 100% recycled and recyclable. In the fall of 2018 I launched the Boss Ladies of Cannabis brand which is on a mission to empower cannabis organizations to create inclusive and diverse companies and cultures. I'm also the Producer and Host of Cannabis TV, Canada's first cable television program dedicated to educating Canadians about cannabis, where I get to create programming that helps to normalize and demystify cannabis for all Canadians. As a business strategist and cannabis industry expert I advise several organizations and institutions on their cannabis businesses including; Leaf Forward, Ryerson University, and The Michener Institute of Education.



Q: What difficulties did you face while working in the cannabis industry?

I would say that I've been very lucky to have found a home in the cannabis industry and I've not experienced any challenges that I haven't also experienced elsewhere in my career. The cannabis industry is fast paced and ever-changing which can make it a challenge. To be successful you need to be ready to pivot at a moment's notice and to stay focused with increasing competition and copycats. My greatest challenge is finding enough time in the day to be involved in all of the amazing projects that inspire me!


Q: What do you think the social stigma of cannabis will be 10 years from now?

‍Its difficult to predict exactly how cannabis will be perceived 10 years from now since its had such a storied past. However, I can say that in the last three years alone the discourse and general perception of cannabis has shifted far more dramatically than I anticipated. It seems as though every day cannabis is part of a mainstream news story, which is helping to normalize cannabis as a business opportunity and legal consumer product. And while we still have a long way to go its exciting to see cannabis becoming a regular conversation around the dining room table in many homes across the country. Ten years from now I predict that cannabis will be in the medicine cabinets and on the kitchen counters of most Canadian households... and even that will be just the tip of the iceberg.

About Rachel Colic

‍Rachel is also the founder of Eves of Eden, a cannabis lifestyle and education brand for women in Canada; co-host of The High Friends podcast focused on women who unapologetically love of cannabis; a mentor and advisor for Leaf Forward, Canada’s first cannabis business-accelerator program; and communications director for Canadian Women in Cannabis, a non-profit that advocates for the diversity and inclusion of women and minorities in the cannabis industry.


Follow her on Twitter at @rachelcolic as well as @eves_of_eden, @hifriendspodcast & @cannabisBoss.