Q & A: Amber Vittoria Q & A: Amber Vittoria

Q & A: Amber Vittoria

Q & A: Amber Vittoria Q & A: Amber Vittoria
Q: Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your art?

I’m an artist working in New York City; my work focuses on the accurate portrayal women within art, and I have collaborated with like-minded brands, such as Gucci, The New York Times, and Instagram, on pieces that further said narrative.


Q: What is your take/perception on the rise of the cannabis industry?

It is incredibly exciting to see countries (and in America, states) recognize the benefits of legalizing cannabis; from research and medical purposes to recreational use, I can’t wait to see how the use of cannabis evolves as it becomes legal.


Q: How do you think cannabis can empower women and/or our society as a whole?

From creating women-owned companies in this space, to using it as an alternative to medications with heavy side-effects, I’m excited to see how cannabis will positively affect society.


Q: Has cannabis affected your life in some way? If so, how?

Personally, cannabis has helped me pain manage migraines without the side-effects most other migraine medications. It has been an integral part of maintaining a healthy brain


Q: How do you think we can change the stigma of cannabis?

VerdeVie is a perfect example; being open about partaking, sharing the benefits of cannabis, and educating those unfamiliar are all important ways to change the perception.