The day cannabis was legalized in Canada // October 17th 2018

It seems like a whirlwind, 1 year of cannabis legalization in Canada.

October 17th - LAUNCH // #BURNTHESTIGMA campaign in collaboration with Cannabis Amnesty.

All proceeds made from October 17th - November 17th will be donated to Cannabis Amnesty.
show your support in helping us cultivate a fresh future.

About Cannabis Amnesty:

"Since its creation, the Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty has been fighting to persuade the federal government that legalization of cannabis is not enough. Justice requires that legislation be passed to undo the harms caused by the criminalization of cannabis possession and its enforcement, which disproportionately targeted Black, Indigenous, and vulnerable members of society. People with simple possession records should be put in the same position as those people who did the exact same thing, but—because of factors that have no bearing on their degree of responsibility, such as the level of policing in their immediate neighbourhood, access to resources, family connections and privilege—were never charged or convicted. Our campaign launched on May 5, 2018 with a petition asking the government to issue blanket pardons to all individuals for the offence of simple possession of cannabis. Our petition was signed by over 10,000 Canadians."

To learn more about cannabis amnesty and how you can support visit; www.cannabisamnesty.ca