Verde X MoonBacon Verde X MoonBacon

Verde X MoonBacon

Verde X MoonBacon Verde X MoonBacon

VerdeVie partnered up with the iconic Japanese artist ‘The Moon Bacon’ to create a premium co-branded collection of distinct merch.

This elevated assortment reflects The Moon Bacon’s iconic imagery through VerdeVie’s signature lens blending our world’s together and bringing art to our reality.



Q: Can you tell our readers a little about yourself and your art?


A: Originally born in Japan, both of my grand-parents and mother were painters, so I loved drawing and painting since I was little.

In 2006, I moved to LA to attend college in order to study graphic design. After graduation, I started working in the apparel industry in Los Angeles for a few years.

In 2013, I moved back to Tokyo and started working as a freelance graphic designer. I mostly work with textile designs, look-books, and catalog designs for clothing companies.

I then started working for a Nail sticker company in Tokyo.

I think because of this job, I started to think that just one hand gesture can tell so many messages.

We use hands every day, on good days or bad days... and I thought it could be kind of fun if I started drawing how we as women, use our hands in our daily life.

Some girls are rolling joints, some are taking shots, and some are just having pizza.

Situations that most people have experienced can be describe with just "one hand".

My goal for all of my illustrations is for people to connect with it and think "I had this situation before!".



The collaborative design process behind the Verde x MoonBacon capsule collection started with our inspiration board. Drawing creativity from MoonBacon’s originality and influence with imagery we could only dream of made it all come to life.



We've received such amazing feedback from MoonBacon fans that we even created a free to download custom Sticker app for iOS Devices. You can download the MoonBacon sticker app on the App Store.


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Instagram: @themoonbacon