Q & A: Jacqui Childs Q & A: Jacqui Childs

Q & A: Jacqui Childs

Q & A: Jacqui Childs Q & A: Jacqui Childs
Q: At what point did you decide to become involved in the cannabis industry? Why?

A: I decided privately 2 years ago to quit using (and abusing) pharmaceuticals. I have Crohns, anxiety, depression, PTSD and I had just undergone a full hysterectomy.

After 3 months of withdrawal, I actually could FEEL for the first time in my adult life. The only thing that had changed was that I was now consuming Cannabis. Initially, I was only using CBD oils and vapes. I only started to smoke and make my own edibles very recently.

My social media platform has grown into the millions (over 2 million on FB) and I started sharing my journey online. A lot of people noticed and began to reach out. Whether it was a mom who had an edible side hustle, large LPs , craft growers and celebrities within the Cannabis space, I was excited to hear what they were offering. And the rest is history!

Q: Can you tell our readers some of your accomplishments in the cannabis space?

A: As far as "accomplishments", firstly I'm definitely living a healthy plant-based life. Also, nominations and awards from my peers. I've been lucky enough to share my journey at events and conferences around Canada.

I was a judge and presenter at a few local Cannabis cups which was all very exciting. I've partnered up with a Craft Grower from Alberta (Canalief.ca) and as well as Hempfest.

I was also a speaker at Legalized Summit and O'cannabiz. I celebrated 4/20 at the Niagara Falls 4/20 expo where I’ll had the opportunity to sit on a panel of inspiring women. I'm also working with several brands and businesses.

I've met so many amazing humans that my time before cannabis, I never would have had the opportunity to meet.

I've become extremely spiritual and empathetic, which I give 100% credit to the wonderful plant and the uplifting kindness I've found within the Cannabis space.



Q: What difficulties have you faced while working in the cannabis industry?

A: As far as difficulties... there are a lot of time wasters and a bunch of "noise" and I personally prefer action over talk. I also would rather be in an intimate setting and having elevated conversations with actual "doers".

Some call me a culture vulture or a sell-out, which is just not the case. I do earn a fabulous living thanks to the cannabis industry, but I am also LIVING MY BEST LIFE thanks to Cannabis.

I thoroughly enjoy walking into a space where I know I'm being judged. I was recently at an investor meeting and was completely ignored by most of the people in the room ... their loss because I am also an investor.

Those of you that follow me on social media are well aware that I've been a nude model and have worked in some pretty provocative and racy industries. However, that is not who I am today at 45 years old . I'm an international best-selling author #igniteyourinnerwarrior and Speaker / Influencer . I get that sex sells but it's my sexuality to own and use as I feel fit, NOT the male dominated industry. I appreciate the accolades but living pharma free is a reward in itself.

There is room for all of us (at my table anyway) and yes there is a lot that I do not agree with, such as over consumption and mixing cannabis with alcohol.

Q: What do you think the social stigma of cannabis will be in 10 years from now?

A: 10 years from now I hope our version of legislation will be better for everyone both medically and recreationally. I also hope that Cannabis will be used as openly and freely as an aspirin. Parents that consume will not be shamed or punished. And the narrative around Cannabis will be less aggressive from all sides.

Look ... whatever space we're currently in is never permanent... nothing is. I hope in my lifetime we all become kinder and gentler with ourselves and each other. If it was all to end tomorrow I would hope my message would be one of kindness and empathy. I use this hashtag/ quote often and I truly believe it Respect the plant and each other.

About Jacqui Childs

Jacqui is a Social Influencer with an online following into the millions (Over 2 million on her verified Facebook page) Jacqui is a wife and mother. She co-wrote an international best-selling book “Ignite Your Inner Warrior ” where she shares her battles with drugs and alcohol. Now living Pharma free thanks to Cannabis. She’s chosen to spend her time focused on the Cannabis industry and community as well as “Women’s issues” that affect her daily, living with Crohns, anxiety, depression and now menopause thanks to a full hysterectomy. Jacqui feels she owes this community as much exposure and attention as she can as a thank you for saving her life. All while trying to end negative stigmas and prejudices one post at a time. Jacqui’s quest for knowledge within the cannabis space doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Much like cannabis she’s “growing like a weed”.


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