Cannabis & Sex 101: Antuanette Gomez Cannabis & Sex 101: Antuanette Gomez

Cannabis & Sex 101: Antuanette Gomez

Cannabis & Sex 101: Antuanette Gomez Cannabis & Sex 101: Antuanette Gomez

My love for mary jane,

I didn’t always love Mary Jane. My relationship with her was a little rocky in the beginning, it started with me when I was 18 and finding myself with a group of friends head deep in a brew or at the bottom of a Ben & Jerry’s tub. For reasons like that I was super turned off from her, It wasn’t until I found myself at rock bottom wanting to find something real in life that I could finally appreciate her. 

‍I ended up loving who I was when I was with her, she helped me be myself even when I didn’t know who that was. She lifted my tears when I felt the hard pressure on this world to be or act a certain way as many women feel everyday. She helped me love myself. 

She made me create real and honest relationships - some would say cosmic relationships. I later learned that cannabis has been used for aphrodisiac uses for thousands of years; from the Kama Sutra in India, to the Ancient Lotus in China, she’s been helping people live authentic lives that are rooted in love for decades. I’ve seen her save marriages, by aiding with communication, anxiety, sexual pain and even pleasure. With these learnings early on in my life I knew I had to share with the world. 

It brought me to a clinic where I worked with over 5000 patients, I learned about all the issues of chronic pain that women deal with like; PMS, Endometriosis, PCOCs. Rape Survivors and more. And the more I learned the more it became in spiral, noticing how women sexual health is the least funded area of the body, the least researched part of the body… it’s almost as if we’ve been waiting for her. I’ve seen Mary Jane help patients from all walks of life it’s important to remember as much as she could help us heal as much as give us pleasure.

Today I help women all around the world have a healthier and happier life with their sexual health. Cannabis and sex are both taboo, but in a way it’s the best combo since peanut butter and jam. What I love about cannabis is that I use it for virtually everything; to go to the gym - there’s a strain for that, to go to a concert - there’s a strain for that, to having alone time in a hot tub - and yes, there’s a strain for that too! So why would sex be any different? After playing around with a few strains over the years I’ve found certain strains have been best for particular sex cases. Here are some tips on how to use cannabis in the bedroom. 

Xo, a


Solo Play

Recommended Strain: Jean Guy

Having solo sex / masturbation is blissful with mary j. For this kind of play I recommend smoking a hybrid for a fast onset effect paired with uplifting creativity. Trying a topical like a cannabis infused lubricant can also be fun to explore your pleasure centers. Cannabis topicals have a localized effect bringing more heightened sensitivity to the area - a little goes a long way. 

Electric Lovemaking

Recommended Strain: Sour Diesel

I love this strain for the moments you just can’t keep your hands off each other. This sativa dominant strain is the perfect pairing for a high energy, sexy and sweaty time - making for a perfect night you won’t forget. Get ready for a lustful awakening. 

Slow and Sensual

Recommended Strain:  Bubba Kush

I love smoking a heavy indica for an intimate evening with my partner. It keeps me warm and fuzzy in my body while the bubba genetics are uplifting keeping me in the mood. I feel indicas make you feel more deeply which creates a perfect space for intimate massages or long and sexy foreplay. 

Now keep in mind as much as cannabis can help in the bedroom, cannabis is never fun when intoxicated or too high, remember to start with small doses and slowly consume more if needed.

Happy hump day! Xo.


About Antuanette Gomez

Antuanette is an International Speaker and Cannabis Business Maven. She is the Founder + CEO of Pleasure Peaks, a Medical Cannabis company focusing on Women’s Sexual Health. She is also the former Director of the Toronto Woman Grow Market and mentors many startups in the emerging cannabis industry in Canada within the legal framework. Her passion and love for uplifting women shows in her everyday life.

For the past 6 years, she has been helping people start, buy, and sell brands/companies in the cannabis industry. With an extensive background in executive work and medical cannabis education, she has a thorough understanding of the cannabis market and knows what it takes to champion a client’s needs. Whether you’re founding a startup or supply buying from a Licensed Producer, she can help you price properly, negotiate deals, gain strategic licensing, acquire financing,  find employment, and more.

Find her at,, on FaceBook, and on Twitter @PleasurePeaks, or Instagram @Pleasure_Peaks, and @Antuanetteg @ItsAtuanette