Buzz Word: CBD Buzz Word: CBD

Buzz Word: CBD

Buzz Word: CBD Buzz Word: CBD

Over the past year there has been a growing hype around the infamous buzz word, ‘CBD’. Everyone from your grandmother, to your dad, to even that clerk at the grocery store has been highly obsessed with dropping that ‘CBD’ talk. 

"But what is CBD?
And can it really help you?"

Well, we’re here to break it down for you in layman terms. Why? Because, we ourselves are learning, experimenting and truly developing our own knowledge of the benefits of ‘CBD’. So, get comfortable and light ‘er up while we elevate you with the science of ‘CBD’.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis. This single element has been labelled as one of the most naturally occurring cures to a plethora of diverse illnesses and conditions. Anxiety and depression are two of the world’s most common mental illnesses; and you’ve guessed it, CBD has been shown to alleviate the most agonizing symptoms of these disorders.

In a placebo study conducted in 2011, a sample of 24 people were given either 600mg of CBD or a placebo. After consumption, they were put to a public speaking test. Not only was the CBD group more confident in the task, they also had improved cognitive results and less discomfort noted in their speech when compared to the placebo group. 

Multiple studies have also shown that CBD stimulates the brain to produce increased serotonin. So basically it makes your brain happy, which in turn makes you happy, which makes us very happy ☺.