Eco-building since 1968

Designed and built by Michael Batori Associates

Achieving healthier living environments without costing a fortune
Who we are . . .
Core group comprised of architects, designers, contractors, engineers, trades people.
What we do . . .
A synergistic, experienced, ethical collaboration of professionals working together for the purpose of creating attainable, sustainable designs for healthier, extraordinary living environments without costing a fortune.
How we do it . . .
Utilizing experience, common sense, and efficiencies with materials, resources, time, and responsible financial management. 
Our rationale . . .
Through over 40 years of experience, we recognize well-designed and thought-out designed spaces leave less of a carbon footprint, something we value highly. 

Our approach to project management revolves around minimizing waste, maximizing efficiency of materials, reliance on common sense, all combined with a goal of creating value.

We help guide the process the entire way from design inception through to completion of finished product and satisfied client.

Affordable Eco-Building


26352 Carmel Rancho Lane, Suite 103, Carmel, CA 93922
Phone:  831.293.8060 ~ Fax: 831.309.9977


Last updated 5/10/10

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